Flame of God

ST. BRIGET OF THE SHORES I have heard many names of St. Briget, most beloved of Gaelic saints, with whom the month of February is identified . . . the month of “Bride min, gentle St. Bride” . . . Brighid boidheach Muime Chriosd, Bride the Beautiful, Christ’s Foster Mother . . . but there are […]

“St. Quhalme”

The three names [SS. Patrick, Brigid, and Columba] have remained since that time inseparably united in the dauntless heart and fervent tenacious memory of the Irish people. It is to Columba that the oppressed and impoverished Irish seem to have appealed with the greatest confidence in the first English conquest in the twelfth century. The […]

The Happy Virgin of Celestial Life

O Glorious St. Brigid, Mother of the Churches of Erin, patroness of our missionary race, wherever their lot may be cast, be thou our guide in the paths of virtue, protect us amid temptation, shield us from danger. Preserve to us the heritage of chastity and temperance; keep ever brightly burning on the altar of […]

By the Lake of Beer

I’d like to give a lake of beer to God. I’d love the heavenly Host to be tippling there For all eternity. I’d love the men of Heaven to live with me, To dance and sing. If they wanted, I’d put at their disposal Vats of suffering. White cups of love I’d give them With a […]

Bride Ban-Chobhair

Thainig thugam cobhair Moire gheal is Bride; Mar a rug Anna Moire, Mar a rug Moire Criosda, Mar a rug Eile Eoin Baistidh Gun mhar-bhith dha dhi, Cuidich thusa mise ‘m asaid, Cuidich mi a Bhride! Mar a gheineadh Criosd am Moire Comhliont air gach laimh, Cobhair thusa mise, mhoime, An gein a thoir bho […]

Sian Bride

The charm put by Bride the beneficent, On her goats, on her sheep, on her kine, On her horses, on her chargers, on her herds, Early and late going home, and from home. To keep them from rocks and ridges, From the heels and the horns of one another From the birds of the Red […]

Gleidheadh Treuid

Gun gleidheadh Moire min an ciob, Gun gleidheadh Bride bith an ciob, Gun gleidheadh Calum-cille an ciob, Gun gleidheadh Maol-ribhe an ciob, Gun gleidheadh Carmag an ciob, O’n mhi-chu ‘s o’n mharbh-chu. Gun gleidheadh Odhran an crodh, Gun gleidheadh Maodhan an crodh, Gun gleidheadh Donnan an crodh, Gun gleidheadh Moluag an crodh, Gun gleidheadh Maolruan […]

Ora nam Buadh

I bathe thy palms In showers of wine, In the lustral fire, In the seven elements, In the juice of the rasps, In the milk of honey, And I place the nine pure choice graces In thy fair fond face, The grace of form, The grace of voice, The grace of fortune, The grace of […]

The Cross of the Saints and the Angels

Crois nan naomh agus nan aingeal liom Bho fhrois ma aodain gu faobhar mo bhonn. * * * A Mhicheil mhil, a Mhoire ghlorach, A Bhride mhin nan dualan orach, Dionaibh mi’s a cholunn bhronach, Dionadh tri mi air sligh na corach. O! tri mi air sligh na corach. Dionaibh mi’s a choich-anama bhochd, Dionaibh […]

It Is Not I Who Performed This Miracle

They go to Tethbae, to the first settlements of the bishops, namely Ardagh. The king of Tethbae was feasting nearby. A churl in the king’s house had done a terrible thing. He let fall a valuable goblet belonging to the king, so that it smashed to pieces against the table in front of the king. The […]

Not Hard, O Nun

On the same Easter Sunday there came to her a certain leper from whom his limbs were falling, to ask for a cow. ‘For God’s sake, Brigit, give me a cow.’ ‘Grant me a respite’, said Brigit. ‘I would not grant you’, said he, ‘even the respite of a single day.’ ‘My son, let us […]