Long May It Sway, O’er Bight and Bay

The pink, the rose of England shows, The green St. Patrick’s emblem, bright While in between, the spotless sheen of Andrew’s cross displays the white. Then hail the pink, the white, the green, Our patriot flag long may it stand. Our Sirelands twine, their emblems trine, To form the flag of Newfoundland! Fling out the […]

God Guard Thee, Newfoundland

When sun rays crown thy pine clad hills, And summer spreads her hand, When silvern voices tune thy rills, We love thee, smiling land. We love thee, we love thee, We love thee, smiling land. When spreads thy cloak of shimmering white, At winter’s stern command, Thro’ shortened day, and starlit night, We love thee, […]

Enlist Ye Newfoundlanders

Two recruiting sergeants came to the CLB, For the sons of the merchants, to join the Blue Puttees. So all the hands enlisted, five hundred young men: Enlist ye Newfoundlanders and come follow me. They crossed the broad Atlantic in the brave Florizel, And on the sands of Suvla, they entered into hell. And on […]