Old Virginia, Once Again

Once again the call is coming, and the fiery cross on high Blazes as before Manassas when our fathers went to die; Trains of soldiery are moving, rumbling seaward once again, Rolling as in early sixties, to the songs of eager men, Puffing onward through the valley from the mountains to the bay, Bearing on […]

This is Your Flag

This is your flag — Fight for it. This slogan of the 207th has been made the title of a stirring song dedicated to the 207th Battalion — Read it — Words by Miss Esther Knott. Music by Donald Heins. How would you care to see the old flag down, boys, Would you care to […]

Pay Begins at Once

During the First World War, the Regiment acted as a training unit providing 145 officers and 5,207 other ranks for service in the numbered battalions of the C.E.F., especially the 16th, 19th, and the 173rd Highlanders. The latter was broken up for reinforcements, much to the chagrin of its men. Although the Argylls perpetuate both the 19th and the […]