Altus Prosator “C”

CAPITULUM C TITLE: De transmigratione novem graduum principis. ARGUMENT: ‘Vidi stellam de celo cecidisse in terram’; et in Esaiâ, ‘Quomodo cecidisti Lucifer, qui mane oriebaris.’ CELI de regni apice stationis angelicae claritate prefulgoris venustate speciminis superbiendo ruerat lucifer quem formaverat apostataeque angeli eodem lapsu lugubri auctoris ceno-doxiae pervicacis invidiae ceteris remanentibus in suis principatibus. PRONE, […]

Altus Prosator “B”

CAPITULUM B Title: De formatione novem graduum, tribus praetermissis, non per ignorantiam, sed pro augustia capituli praetermisit. Argument: ‘Fiat lux, et facto, est.’ BONOS creavit angelos ordines et archangelos principatuum ac sedium potestatum virtutium uti non esset bonitas otiosa ac maiestas trinitatis in omnibus largitatis muneribus sed haberet celestia in quibus previgilia ostenderet magnopere possibili […]

Altus Prosator “A”

CAPITULUM A Title: De unitate et Trinitate trium personarum. Argument: Vetustus dierum sedebat super sedem suam. (Daniel vii. 9.) ALTUS prosator vetustus dierum et ingenitus erat absque origine primordii et crepidine est et erit in secula seculorum infinita cui est unigenitus christus et sanctus spiritus coeternus in gloria dietatis perpetuae non tris deos depromimus sed unum […]

Like An Unsullied Sun

Now when Colomb Cille came to his ending, and when the bell for nocturn was struck on the night of Pentecost Sunday, he went before the rest to the church and made prostration and fervent prayer at the altar. Then an angelic radiance filled the church around him on every side, and there the venerable […]

Except Ye Taste of Death

It appears that King Laoghaire had two daughters, named Ethne the fair, and Fedelm the ruddy. He had sent them, for what reason is not explained, to his relatives in Connaught, and placed them under the care of two Druids or magi, named Mael and Caplit. Patrick was at Crochan, or Cruachan, the royal cemetery […]

Does He Not Hold the Clue of Eternity?

Recount we now what things the Lord has made; his visible creation be our theme; nothing he has fashioned but hangs on his word. Just as yonder sun that looks down on all gives light to all, so the glory of the Lord shines through all his creation; how should his faithful servants herald them […]

Horsa and Hengist

In the meantime, three vessels, exiled from Germany, arrived in Britain. They were commanded by Horsa and Hengist, brothers, and sons of Wihtgils. Wihtgils was the son of Witta; Witta of Wecta; Wecta of Woden; Woden of Frithowald, Frithowald of Frithuwulf; Frithuwulf of Finn; Finn of Godwulf; Godwulf of Geat, who, as they say, was […]

Being Especiall Souldiers Emprest in This Sacred Cause

First since we owe our highest and supreme duty, our greatest, and all our allegeance to him, from whom all power and authoritie is derived, and flowes as from the first, and onely fountaine, and being especiall souldiers emprest in this sacred cause, we must alone expect our successe from him, who is onely the blesser […]

Redeemed by Blood

In the Beginning, the Lord shaped the heaven and the earth in his Christ, Who is the beginning of all things, that is, in his Son; and after creating the elements of the whole universe, taking a frail clod he formed man after His own image and likeness, and breathed upon his face the breath […]

God with Me Lying Down

Dia liom a laighe Dia liom ag eirigh, Dia liom anns gach rath soluis, Is gun mi rath son as aonais, Gun aon rath as aonais. Criosda liom a cadal, Criosda liom a dusgadh, Criosda liom a caithris, Gach la agus oidhche, Gach aon la is oidhche. Dia liom a comhnadh Domhnach liom a riaghladh, […]

Eolas a Bheum Shula

I trample upon the eye, As tramples the duck upon the lake, As tramples the swan upon the water, As tramples the horse upon the plain, As tramples the cow upon the ‘iuc,’ As tramples the host of the elements, As tramples the host of the elements. Power of wind I have over it, Power […]

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

THE TWENTY-FIFTH DAY OF DECEMBER In the 5199th year of the creation of the world, from the time when God in the beginning created the heaven and the earth; the 2957th year after the flood; the 2015th year from the birth of Abraham; the 1510th year from Moses, and the going forth of the people […]