By the Numbers: Lynchburg, Virginia, 1843

The census of 1840, showed a population of upwards of five thousand. Since that time, there has been a considerable accession to the number of buildings; from which we may safely assume that our present population reaches, if it does not exceed 6,000. The extent of the tobacco trade of Lynchburg may be judged of […]

My New Pipe

A necessity to fraternise with the Society priests at the Priory on weekday evenings between supper and Compline, I wanted something a bit more practical than my huge (genuine) calabash pipe. [I do not smoke tobacco in any other form, especially cigarettes and even cigars. But I do enjoy the occasional bowl.] Correction (3:28PM EST): […]

Busy Sunday

Church was an all day affair today. After Holy Mass, there was the children’s All Saints’ Day pageant and a picnic. I brought quality wine to share — and stemware worthy of it — much to the people’s delight (last year was supermarket “wine” and silly glasses). After good conversation and judicious drinking came Solemn […]