First Vespers of St. Ninian in Aberdeen Breviary

In Festo Sancti Patris nostri Niniani Episcopi et Confessoris. Breviarium Aberdonense, pars. aestiv., fol. CVII. I. In primis Vesperis. Antiph. Ovans agat hæc concia | Niniani solemnia. Trinæ vocis tripudio | laudum sonat obsequia, Ut mens, lingua, et actio | pari concordent gloria; Placebit sic laudatio | Deo, reddenti præmia. Ps. Laudate pueri. Ant. Ille Pictorum tenebras | fugat, […]

The Three Marys of Great Reknown

Respóndens autem Angelus, dixit muliéribus: Nolíte timére: scio enim quod Iesum quǽritis, allelúia. Antiphon from Vespers during the Octave of Easter And when the sabbath was over, Mary Magdalen, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome had bought spices, to come and anoint Jesus. So they came to the tomb very early on the […]

The Nard of Bernard’s Sanctity

  Iam Regína discúbuit, Sedens post Unigénitum: Nardus odórem tríbuit, Bernárdus, tradens spíritum. The Queen of Heaven reclines, Seated after the Only-Begotten Son. Bernard, yielding up his spirit, Proffers her the perfume of spikenard. Dulcis Regínæ gústui Fructus sui suávitas: Dulcis eius olfáctui Nardi Bernárdi sánctitas. Sweet to the Queen’s taste Is the fruit of […]

Eructavit Cor Meum Verbum Bonum

The sound of the Voice of Columbkille Great its sweetness above all clerics: To the end of fifteen hundred paces, Though great the distance, it was distinctly heard. — From the Irish Life of St. Columba in the Leabhar Breac. I must not pass over another well-authenticated story, told, indeed, by those who heard it, regarding […]