From the Sovereign People of Virginia

“A Crazy Legislature” The Spectator has a very silly and indelicate article under the above caption, in which it charges the Legislature, “by nearly a unanimous vote,” with having “pledged Virginia to fight the battles of South Carolina.” This is all twaddle, and an abortive attempt at raw-head-and- bloody-bones to frighten the people. The call […]

We Ask No Compromise

We, the descendants of the leaders of that illustrious race of men who achieved our independence and established our institutions, were to become a degraded and a subject class, under that government which our fathers created to secure the equality of all the States—to bend our necks to the yoke which a false fanaticism had […]

The Solemnity of the Occasion

On Tuesday, 23 April 1861, the Virginia Secession Convention was briefly addressed by Major General Robert Edward Lee, to whom, the day before, it had commended the command of the provisional army and naval forces of the Commonwealth of Virginia. After a flowery introduction by the President of the Convention, Major General Lee rose to speak. […]

My Melancholy Duty

And, sir, what is our state of preparation?  Where is our ordnance?  Where is our musketry?  Where are our rifles?  Where, in fact, are any of the munitions of war, which are indispensable for our security?  Sir, you may talk about courage, and you may talk about chivalry; but I say it is not true […]