Where All the Women are Strong, All the Men are Good Looking…

The inhabitants of this Island are for the most part of a good stature, strong and nimble, of a good complexion, live verie long, much addicted to hunting, arching, shooting, swimming, wherein they are expert. Their language for the most part is Irish, which is very empathetick, and for its antiquity Scaliger reckons it one […]

The Eloquence of Columba in My Speech

Ora Buaidh (A Prayer for Victory) Ionnlaidh mi m’ aodann ‘S na naoi gatha greine, Mar a dh’ ionnlaid Moir a Mac, Am bainne bragh na breine. Mil a bhi ‘na m’bheul, Seirc a bhi ‘na m’aodann; An gaol thug Moire dha Mac Bhi an cridhe gach cairc domhsa. Gum bu suileach, cluasach, briathrach Dia, […]

An t-Eilean Sgitheanach

“This Ile is callit Ellan Skiannach in Irish, that is to say in Inglish the wyngit Ile, be reason it has mony wyngis and pointis lyand furth fra it, throw the dividing of thir foirsaid Lochis.” — Description of the Western Isles of Scotland called Hybrides, by Mr. Donald Munro, High Dean of the Isles, who travelled through […]